Monday, November 16, 2009

Tour the Capitol using TEXT!!!

Visitors are now invited to tour the building via their mobile phones through a new text messaging method. After sending descriptive keywords to a specified number, visitors will receive text-message responses of information on various significant elements within the restored Capitol.
“We hope to attract tech-savvy visitors to the Capitol by providing them with a unique opportunity to enjoy a convenient self-guided tour directly from a cellular phone,” said Allyson Gamble, Director of Public Relations, Communications and Visitor Services.

To access the information about the various elements of the Utah State Capitol, simply text one of the keywords below to 83043. Instruction cards are available in the Capitol Visitor Services Center.

Key Words: Lions, Hall, Exhibits, Brigham, Governor, Gold, Dome, WPA, Niche, Lunettes, House, Chamber, Court, Galleries and Base.

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