Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art at the Capitol - Cyclorama

The Capitol Preservation Board will be doing another series of fun facts and loads of information highlighting different art throughout the beautiful Capitol building.

Today: Cyclorama inside the Rotunda

The Rotunda was unfinished for nearly 20 years until the Works Progress Administration
(WPA) funded art projects for the Capitol. These impressive scenes from 19th Century Utah life contain over 100 figures, many of which are more than ten feet tall. Eight scenes
(Irrigation by Pioneers, Driving the Golden Spike, General Connor Inaugurates Mining, Gulls Save the Wheat Fields, Naming of Ensign Peak, Peace with the Indians, Pony Express and Stagecoach, and a Social gathering at the Old Bowery) were designed by Lee Greene Richards.

Read more of the story HERE!!

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  1. Is the mural in the large empty room at the Gateway mall a WPA mural as well?