Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Utah We Love Thee interview about author 2nd page

These pages were published in the 1917 Improvement Era LDS Church publication.
The 2nd page reads:

gatherings of the children of the state, but in many private homes and organizations. Professor Stephens thinks it particularly significant that his song should have had the additional honor which is received, practically at the time of attaining its majority--twenty-one years since it was first sung. Both the Ogden and Salt Lake Tabernacle choirs, on their various trips east and west to a number of National expositions, have sung the new state anthem; and when the silver service, donated by the state, to the United States battleship Utah, was presented in New York harbor, in the presence of nearly two thousand people from this state besides many national officials, it was also sung by the latter choir, this time on the deck of the battleship. For that occasion the author had written two special stanzas for as follows:
Queen of the ocean wave,
Utah, we love thee.
Mann'd by the true and brave,
Utah, we love thee.
Unconcquer'd may'st thou ride
Long o'er the resless tide,
Our country's joy and pride,
Utah, we love thee.
Guard well the land we love,
Utah, we love thee.
A friend to freedom prove,
Utah, we love thee.
Our nation's fame increase,
Bid all oppression cease,
Aid universal peace,
Utah, we love thee.

The text of the resolution adopted by the legislature as it appeared in the press at the time is as follows:

"Whereas, it is fitting and proper that a state should select and officially recognize an appropriate state song; and
"Whereas, the people of Utah are especially favored with patriotic songs which have been produced by both the native and adopted sons and daughters of the stat; and
"Whereas, it is universally recognized that the song, by Evan Stephens, entitled, "Utah, we Love Thee" possesses the supreme merits of a peoples' song; and

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