Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art At the Capitol - Pendentives

The Capitol Preservation Board will be doing another series of fun facts and loads of information highlighting different art throughout the beautiful Capitol building.

Today: Pendentives inside the Rotunda

The three-dimensional triangles of the Rotunda piers offer the beautiful spaces for artwork. The Capitol's pendentive murals, designed by Lee Greene Richards (Richards’ other work in the Capitol includes portraits of three early Utah governors and one of the landscapes in the Senate Chamber) illustrate four early expeditions into the Great Basin, each leaving lasting contributions to Utah's geographic and cultural heritage: Father Escalante and other Spanish priests who explored Utah's southern counties; John C. Fremont who mapped the great rivers and lakes of the territory; Brigham Young and the beginnings of Mormon immigration and settlement; Peter Skene Ogden and other trappers and tradesmen of northern Utah.
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