Thursday, January 7, 2010

Utah Capitol Store SALE!!! U.S.S. Utah postcards for 25 cents!

Choose from an array of vintage postcards displaying historical photographs taken of the U.S.S. Utah battleship and it's crew.
These postcards can be purchased at the Utah Capitol Store.

Back of card reads:
The ship as completed in late 1911 USN Photo

Back of card reads:
The Utah number One Turret's crew posing under their turret's 12"/45 guns in 1913. Chief Turret Captain Aberaham DeSomer seated at right in the center of the front row. To his right is the Turret Officer, Ensign Arthur S. Carpender. DeSomer received the Medal of Honor for his "extraordinary heroism" during the seizure of Vera Cruz Mexico, 21-22 April 1914 USNHC photo.

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